What’s it all about?

Greetings, stranger!
I’ll probably move this to a better part of this page later, but here goes for now.

This is the page of Lawful Good (which might be some kind of copyrighted concept of an rpg-company).
As Admin, I welcome input on any topic I’ve raised, as long as it adheres to Swedish and International law, shows respect to any and all users of the Internet and everyone else. You don’t gotta be all meek and humble all the time, but if you insult, harass or threaten, you get to bugger off.

Repeated offences will result in a permanent ban.

I usually hit the sack at least by 10 o’clock zulu. My computer goes to sleep before 9:30 pm, which means you won’t see any activity here from me ’till next day. If you do see any activity on my part after that, please tell me to bugger off! I’m old and weak and need my rest.
If you have urgent business with me and can’t wait, you have to call me. Very few make that call.
Lawful Good tries to be multipartisan whenever possible but final say on what gets on this page is mine. If you want to put something here just ask me and I’ll get back to you.

Like Dethe, I dig cats. Especially the coolest one in any town, Dr John, the Nite Tripper. If the good Doctor ever comes back to Sweden, I’ll be there too! 🙂.
Generally, I tolerate dogs.
Something that won’t surprise anyone who knows me is that I often listen to Motörhead 🙂.

Uhm, where was I now…, right, well, my favorite quotes are as follows:

“We are Motörhead and we play rock’n roll.

Don’t put your trust in revolutions, they always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions. People die and nothing changes.

Anything built by man can be overcome by man.

Life is short and brutal and so am I.

Thunder rolled. It rolled a six.

Allt är mycket osäkert, och det är just det som lugnar mig.

Who’d win in a wrestling match between Lemmy and God?
Wrong! Trick question, Lemmy IS God!

I don’t play Candy Crush Saga. I play rock’n roll.

If good’s on the left then I’m sticking to the right!

I’m a cat, hear me roar, I am too big to ignore.”

Motörhead made a great song called “Listen to your heart”, which you can check out here:

The lyrics might surprise you, if you haven’t heard Lemmy sing before. But the message of the song is to be kind to strangers, basically. Even when that stranger is you. Especially when that stranger is you.

I’m no fan of truth, and justice is such (is just) an abstract concept. But, a hard-boiled egg generally goes down well.
Ethics and morals are ok I guess but I prefer compassion any day of the weak. And for the weak, of course, there’s no knowing what tomorrow brings.
If you don’t like maths much, today is your lucky day! Uhm…well, hah… not today as such, but some day next year. Cross my heart.

Theory is fine but without practice it’s just words.

As a priest of The Church of the Latter-day Dude I follow the teachings of taking it easy, having a nice cuppa and being generally kind to servants and anyone else.
If you want my blessings, you got’em! For any other kind of priestly service from me, you gotta wait ’till I’m in San Francisco or Los Angeles and that I’m not occupied by having a good time with my friends. At the moment, I’m not authorized to conduct weddings, to baptize and such, in Sweden, but things are happening.

What else…? Well, this ain’t an apolitical site. I don’t resist a dig at what I don’t like in society. Or a dig at what I think is right with society. And why should I? I have very little tolerance for anyone who says something like “Oh, I think that’s wrong. Someone (i.e. someone other than poor me) should do something.”
If I’m offensive, I’m being stupid (and that happens, I assure you). If it does, please tell me to chill. I probably need to ragequit for a moment.

My favorite authors are Tove Jansson, Sir Terry Pratchett and JanWillem van de Wetering, all of whom I qoute quite frequently.
I support IFK Göteborg (what used to be the name of all the players in that team?), I have a tendency to talk a lot, I like talking long walks in or around the birds, the bees and everything. Preferably with my family and friends.

Like the Commisaris in mr van de Weterings books, I own a pet turle, though mine is smaller, slower and softer. A great little creature…🙂. Definitely a Dude.

I greatly enjoy dynamic discussions that lead somewhere, it doesn’t really matter where as long as it’s someplace new. Which of course means I greatly un-enjoy alternative facts. If you enjoy such facts, pleez put your comments someplace else.

And the theory of evolution is not just some random guess. Check this out:

http://www.nrm.se/faktaomnaturenochrymden/evolution/darwinochevolutionsteorin.9932.html (nrm stands for Naturhistoriska riksmuseet, not anything else…)

There’s been no real counter-proof as yet, which is what makes a theory a valid theory. I don’t say the same about the “theory” of intelligent design. The complexity of a jumbo-jet proves squat, in my book, when it comes to what created whatever. I much prefer the small, medium-sized and big gods of “Small gods”. By Sir Pratchett, naturally…🙂. And, like AC/DC sang, “Who made who?”.

And now, I go…sleep is well overdue…

I hope you had a good time reading my intro to Lawful…
Listen to your mum, always bring a life-jacket if you’re going out of your house/apartment. Don’t talk to any strangers you don’t want to talk to. Do something you haven’t done before, keep cool, remember tomorrow’ll come no matter what you mess up today.
And, finally, don’t do anything you don’t enjoy, unless you really have to.



Greetings, even stranger folks
Because of recent events, I’ve chosen to add this addendum.
Some people, and I’m not passing any judgements, choose to be stupid.
That’s all good and fine of course, but if you choose to make such choices, please leave me alone.
I do have some obligations.

Whoopsydaisy why hwewho widdle puddy tat

Good is more important than lawful. Most people agree. Not all agree that it shouldn’t be illegal for people of the same sex to marry, but all my friends and family do.

Not all agree that it’s good that the state don’t execute people, but all my friends and family do, and that it should be illegal to kill, except in cases of self-defense, or the defense of others.

Which leads to a whatever: To kill, for most people, sucks. So how deal with situations where people, in their job, have to choose between killing someone who poses an imminent threat to the health and lives of others, and letting the person who threatens, live?

If you kill, you change. You never become the same after. I don’t envy anyone who’s put in the situation where (s)he has to decide whether to end a life, so that others may live.

If anyone HAS to make that choice, that person should be given as much and as good help as possible, to deal with the trauma.

I know of a group that deals with another kind of trauma, that had the option to quit instantly, if/when the ordeal proved too much. And, if/when quitting was necessary, they were given help (i.e. counseling, another job…), with pretty much no questions asked.

Sometimes, a lot of times, one has to do things that are less than pleasant. One can minimize those times, but never eliminate them. Thass how laif woiks.

“I’ll call no-one my father who’s no closer than a stranger”

From the song “Effing Hostile” (not really effing, they use a different word) by Pantera.

It’s about a divinity of course, guess which one? I’ll call my father father, and he’s way closer than a stranger.

But, returning to divinities: If there are any, they have yet to make themselves known to me. If there’s such a being as to be omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, then why oh why not say “Hello, I’m (whomever), pleased to meet you.” It’s common courtesy.

If I meet someone on a daily basis, I say hello every day. Why wouldn’t I?

Humans aren’t gods, even though some think they are. It’s free for everyone to think whatever they do, it’s not free for everyone to act in whatever fashion they choose. For further information on this topic, check out:


There’s a concept known as God-complex,


As with all psychological afflictions, everyone has traits of this. It would probably be impossible to survive without sometimes thinking one’s the best at something. It would definitely be wrong, everyone’s the best at being oneself.

Pornography, prostitution and suicide ain’t painless.

Well, hell. I wasn’t going to publish this ’till later, but pornography has again been discussed in a categorical fashion. Now, I’ll be accused of being pro-abuse, pro-pornography, against women in general and against a lot of particular women in particular, against the UN declaration of human rights. In short, I’ll be accused of being a proper, pathological bastard. Guess what? I DON’T CARE.
So what do I have to say about pornography then? It’s a poor substitute for human interaction. I claim that it wouldn’t be around if everyone had the same access to love, tenderness, affection and so on and so forth.

It’s been around for as long as humanity and, I predict, it’ll be around for as long as humanity.


What pisses me off about some people, re porn, is that they only talk about how women get abused. They don’t seem to care about men being abused. And yes, men do get abused in the pornographic industry too. Just as some other groups are abused, I won’t even mention them, I expect I’ll be flamed enough re what I do write about.

Fanaticism comes in many shapes and guises and all fanatics think they’re right. The final solution, anyone?


What follows is about pornography, prostitution and suicide. Cheerful, innit?


I have no problem with how anyone goes about making money to put food on the table, be able to buy warm clothes, pay their rent and so forth. As long as they don’t hurt anyone else.

Which is of course impossible. We all hurt someone, on a daily basis. The only possible way to avoid this would be to live in total isolation, and, even then, we would hurt at least ourselves.
So this equation has no solutions. So what to do?

Hurt as few as possible, for as long as possible? This may sound to some fine to some people, but one would have to have very little contact with others to minimize the hurt one spreads around oneself.

And, of course, that would lead to spreading a very tiny amount of joy, love, merriment…all the things that make a human life worth living.
As my dear old dad puts it: Man är mans gamman (Havamal, from “Den Höges SĂĄng”).

So if one chooses to spread as large amount of joy, love, merriment…instead? That sounds good, right? It does to me.

But, again, there’s a flip side to this coin. Now, what coin was I writing about?
What I’m talking about here is “good” pornography and prostitution, if that makes any sense to you. Pornography and prostitution where the participants are all old enough, mature enough, strong enough and resourceful enough to have made a conscious choice to participate, when there were other good alternatives available


What do you folks think?


I know some people like pornography. Some would like the law against prostitution in Sweden repealed. Just like some people would like to see a lot of drugs made legal.

That’s something I wouldn’t like to see. I’ve seen too close at hand too many times the negative effects of using drugs. On the other hand, having made the drugs illegal has brought with it a lot of other problems, i.e. crime, a lower inclination by users to seek help, no “white” market whatsoever for drugs, with the safeguards that that would possibly bring with it…

So maybe I’m a bit FOR making drugs legal. Go figure.


I wouldn’t mind it if alcohol was a lot less easily available either, but that probably won’t happen in this lifetime of mine…

I hope to get some interesting feedback on the issues I’ve raised above. I have yet to find an issue that was made more difficult to deal with if it was discussed.


And that includes suicide.

Suicide is ALWAYS painful. Not least for those people one leaves behind if one kills oneself.

There’s an almost general consensus that the more suicide is discussed in media, the more people kill themselves.

Utter, total, effing bollocks! An alternative fact, if ever I saw one.
People don’t like to read about suicides because it makes them afraid. It’s all about one’s own fears and not a god-damn thing about an increased risk of others killing themselves.


If anyone could point me in the direction of some kind of scientific evidence that the risk of someone killing themselves increases if that someone read about someone else killing him-/herself, I’ll happily read it. I’m pretty sure it won’t take me many minutes to prove that “theory” wrong.


And yes, people who read about how others have solved problems are inspired to solve their own problems in a similar fashion. Duh! I wasn’t writing about writing about suicide in a stupid way.

No pain, no brain.

I claim that all sentient beings can experience unease, discomfort, pain. If they did not, they would soon be dead, and the question of sentience would be moot.

If you lack any kind of possibility to experience discomfort, you would have no possibility to know what is dangerous, and what is not.

The pain of one being is necessary for that beings safety, survival and growth. I claim the same is true of groups of beings, and society is a kind of group.

So what kind of pain is current? I would argue that the lack of inclusion is a kind of pain-like sensation, or rather that exclusion is painful.

So what to do? More police, harsher sentences, more surveillance? Some argue that those are appropriate courses of action. I disagree, though not totally. I agree that more police, with a more easy-going police presence is good. The less one thinks of police in terms of crisis, violence, crime and abe-normal circumstances, and the more one thinks of police as a natural part of everyday life, the less, I argue, the police have to speed along in marked cars, sirens wailing, blue-lights flashing, in great numbers, with heavy weaponry. The more they can work pre-emptively, to the benefit of all.

Except for to those that like crises, violence, mayhem, death.

I suggest we look at preventing situations that we, as a society, do not enjoy. Make society inclusive, for more than it is now. Make a law-abiding career more promising than a law-breaking one. Make it so.

As it is today, it is harder to have a good career if your name is Ahmed, than it is if your name is Anders. In Sweden (https://www.dn.se/arkiv/jobb/ett-utlandskt-namn-hinder-for-att-fa-jobb/), the reverse is probably true in some parts of the world. As it is today, it is harder to have ANY kind of career if you haven’t 12 years of school in your baggage. It will always be, I claim, but hey, get with the program please. Let’s make it so that it’s easier to get a job for everyone. As it is today, it is less probable that you’re part of the group of CEO:s if you’re a woman, http://www.scb.se/hitta-statistik/statistik-efter-amne/arbetsmarknad/sysselsattning-forvarvsarbete-och-arbetstider/yrkesregistret-med-yrkesstatistik/pong/tabell-och-diagram/andel-kvinnor-och-man-i-chefspositioner/.

And yes, I can read. I observed that the percentage of women bosses is actually higher when it comes to municipalities. CEO is a term from the private sector, and, to prove my point even further, the percentage of women in leading positions when you get to the State-level ain’t as high as that of men.

And, guess what? I don’t think State or municipal jobs are interchangeable with private ones.

Well, well, well, what about truth?

I’m no fan of truth, and as for justice: “There’s no Justice, there’s just us.” (Death, to his adopted daughter, from the book Hogfather, by Sir Terry Pratchett), but a hard-boiled egg generally goes down well.

Again, there’s writing about the importance of so-called truth-sayers. If there’s one truth, there’s many. It’s a question of perspective(s). If you look at something from one angle, you see one perspective. If you look at the thingamajig from a different angle, you see something else.

I like to look at facts. If you look at facts, and agree about at least some facts (but not all, there’s no point in discussing anything you totally agree about), you can have a discussion that leads somewhere.

I don’t aim to agree with the one(s) I’m discussing with. If you set out with the plan that you have to be in total accord at the end, you stump the discussion something terrible. If you set out with the intent to reach agreement about some things, not all, the discussion yields a lot more. In my experience.

As for “alternative” facts…well, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Shakespeare, I think), but if you disagree about the foundations of a situation, I quickly become bored. As I see it, it’s a fact that the earth is round. It’s a fact that bodies are attracted to each other, by gravity if nothing else. It’s a fact that everyone needs to be touched, daily. It don’t seem like a “Touch too much” (AC/DC).

Mitt förtroende för vĂĄr nuvarande Ă–verbefälhavare har ökat, inte minskat.

För mer om detta, se https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010004322351&hc_ref=ARSE5paEVZCQGYuJWbCQni1rMQTdq7UGjogD7vEtrtzEAFSOT4jnZL-j2VZ4q5B-sTc&fref=nf

Vissa, faktiskt ALLA, tjänster kräver att ens chef har förtroende för en. Det är en chefs ibland icke-tilltalande plikt att göra sig av med anställda som förverkat ett förtroende man tidigare haft. En chef som hanterar sådan problematik på ett bra sätt, är nära det som krävs för att vara en ledare.

En chef som vägrar att hantera konflikter blir aldrig en ledare. Valet att hantera, eller att inte hantera, konflikter, är naturligtvis den enskildes. Men, försöker man vara vän med alla, är man snart respekterad av ingen.

I guess it was time to wake up…

…since that was what I did. I took a stroll outside, looked att the clear sky, saw the stars, had smoke.

It’s very restful to sleep in near-total darkness, with almost no sounds. I sleep well here.
In his house in Dalarna, Jon sleeps. Like it is for Great Chtulhu, I’m only awake when the stars are right.

My point here is that it’s good to occasionally get out of town. I sleep well there too, but a change of surroundings does me well.

I hope you others had a good night too.

See you ’round!